Review Friday: Glass Animals – "Lose Control (feat. Joey Bada$$)"

Glass Animals
Lose Control (feat. Joey Bada$$)
Caroline Records
Last year’s Zaba by Glass Animals catches my attention. This British band provides something different than what I’ve usually heard. They are imbuing various ethnic sounds on their music; they sound so eclectic. So, when Glass Animals teams up with Brooklyn rapper, Joey Bada$$, only one word can describe this collaboration: dope. 
Glass Animals still keeps their ethnic percussion at the start of the song, but once Joey Bada$$ starts rapping, you begin to question whether this is the Glass Animals you usually hear or not. In fact, “Lose Control” is so badass that Joey Bada$$ starts singing, “Nobody move, nobody get hurt.” It’s like a threat: Glass Animals and Joey Bada$$’s collaboration is “’bout to go insane” and is “’bout to make people lose their brain”. 
But, when Dave Bayley’s laid-back vocal begins to fill your ear, you suddenly feel some kind of familiarity. That is Glass Animals you usually hear. Glass Animals you usually hear is still there. They don’t go anywhere. They lose control, but they still maintain their roots. And that’s what makes this song so special. 


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