Review Tuesday: Frankie Cosmos – "On The Lips"

Frankie Cosmos
“On The Lips”
Next Thing
Bayonet Records
Frankie Cosmos’ Greta Kline knows there’s no point in making long song when you can manage to pour out your feeling in less than two minutes. And indeed, all of Frankie Cosmos’ songs may only consist of around 1 minutes of string, drum, and Kline’s pure voice, but all her songs are impactful. “On The Lips” is not an exception. 
It first appeared in im sorry im hi lets go, a collection of her songs released in 2013. Hence, she references this on the lyrics. They are followed by powerful lines of “Sometimes I cry cause I know I’ll never have all the answers”. She sings it plainly, but it’s what makes the song impressive. She started the song by seeing David Blaine, the street magician, starting to believe in anything, asking the significance of kissing people, and crying by the end of the song.
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