Review Saturday: KAYTRANADA – "Glowed Up (feat. Anderson .Paak)"

“Glowed Up (feat. Anderson .Paak)”
XL Recordings
Anderson .Paak is on fire this year. After he released Malibu this January, Paak is featured in some of the grooviest songs of the year. He appears in Snakehips‘ latest song, “Money on Me”, a dope electronic rap song that brings Paak’s natural flair in rapping. But, it isn’t “Money on Me” that enraptures the internet this week. It is his collaboration with KAYTRANADA‘s Louis Celestin, an electronic musician from Montreal Canada with his charming dorky smile that does so. “Glowed Up” is not their first collaboration, though. Back in January, when Paak released Malibu, KAYTRANADA has helped him produce “Life Weight” featuring The Free Nationals United Fellowship Choir. Now, it’s Paak’s turn to return the favor when they team up once again in “Glowed Up”, taken from KAYTRANADA’s latest album, 99.9%, released on May 6th. 
This sleek electronic R&B song starts with a theremin-infused spooky instrumental before it crescendos and Paak begins, “And it still ain’t a goddamn thing they could tell me/What could compel me to jump in?” between the rumble and thumping beat. Paak’s vocal builds the tension of the song sophisticatedly until the chorus, where he cruises between KAYTRANADA’s woozy beat, “I’m glowed up/ I’m glowed up”, Paak sings, sounding synesthetically glinty. In the outro, KAYTRANADA alters his direction, sprinkling the song with more bass and drumbeat and slower tempo until the end of the song, while Paak follows the direction by rapping more softly. Paak and KAYTRANADA are not just collaborating. They have become fidus Achates, where they can bring the best in each of them, and their camaraderie is proven in “Glowed Up”. 


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