Review Saturday: Bruno Mars – “Versace On The Floor”

Bruno Mars
“Versace on the Floor”
24K Magic

Even though the last Mars’ album, Unorthodox Jukebox, is released four years ago, his persona never vanishes for the past few years, thanks to his 2014’s collaboration with Mark Ronson in “Uptown Funk”. The song’s presence is ubiquitous, and while it’s a catchy and funk song, it becomes an annoying song. Unfortunately, it also establishes Mars as a funk and doo-wop singer. It’s true that he’s one, but it makes us forget that some of Mars’ best works are sweet and tender ballad, like “Just The Way Your Are” and “When I Was Your Man”. When he announces his third album, 24K Magic, and releases “24K Magic” a.k.a. “Uptown Funk 2.0”, Mars proffers nothing new, tending to sound unctuous and spurious. But the skepticism for Mars’ third album all disappears when he shares the second taste of his album, “Versace on the Floor”. The sweet Bruno Mars that we love and adore is still there.

“Versace on the Floor” may not be a special ballad musically (it’s typical slow-tempo staccato-ed piano ballad with some synth infusion), but it becomes special for Mars because after he dances restlessly  all night long with “Uptown Funk” or “24K Magic”, he finally paces down and settles down in bed with a woman that he loves. How Mars describes his love vividly in the first verse, “There’s no place I’d rather be in this world/ Your eyes are where I’m lost in” may make the girls swoon, but Mars is an aficionado in that department. “Versace on the Floor” is the most sensual and explicit song since “Locked Out of Heaven” that Mars has ever recorded, but also the romantic one as “underneath the chandelier” they’re “dancin’ all alone”. Nothing can beat dancing under the chandelier as the lights from glinty crystal hit them and the “Versace dress” that she wears, making an extravagant ambiance. The pre-chorus and chorus part where he asks the girl to take off her Versace dress feels like a slow-motion scene and this is where Mars’ vocal is at his best as he tries to reach high note and he sounds so amorous in a good way. “Versace on the Floor” is a such a nice come back from Mars, an evidence that he’s still that sweet and romantic guy.


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