Review Saturday: Alex G – “Bobby”

Alex G

Alex Giannascoli seems to have a lot of friends. On his 2014’s groundbreaking acclaimed sixth album, DSU—one of my favorite albums that year—he introduces us to “Harvey”, his playful and bustling dog. Giannascoli describes “Harvey” in such an endearing way that makes us think that we also have known “Harvey” for a long time. while at the same time, he unravels a little bit of Giannascoli’s true persona. But list of Giannascoli’s friends can be traced back to his previous works. On 2012’s Trick, he introduces us to “Mary”, “Adam”, and “Sarah”. On 2013’s Rules, he introduces us to “Sandy”, one of the highlight of Giannascoli’s career. His friends are absence in his first album with Domino, Beach Music, but now Giannascoli makes it up by introducing “Bobby” with his frequent collaborator, Emily Yacina, taken from his eighth full-length album, Rocket. “Bobby” is easily Giannascoli’s best song to date.

When “Bobby” first came to the surface, it sounds more rock and harsh. But, he goes to gentler direction for the studio version. Acoustic guitar is Giannascoli’s greatest weapon and his guitar pick that sounds raw, veracious, and weepy can be heard throughout the song, but he tries to incorporate some Americana style to the song, and “Bobby” is adorned with a tweak of banjo twang and fiddle, as they’re easily noticed from the intro part. It results in a fluid and gorgeous song, the countriest song from him. He still writes his lyrics concisely, yet efficaciously delivers his feeling to “Bobby”. Along with Yacina, they describe his friend-slash-lover with full of devotion. You can feel the touch of Bobby’s cold hands and breathe the smoke that wafts from his mouth vividly. They fall in love with him and they know that they will give everything to the people they love, even if it means they have to let him go. “I’d leave him for you/ If you want me to,” they sweetly sing.


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