Review Tuesday: Young Lex – “Makan Bang” (featuring Awkarin, Mack’G, and Oka Mahendra)

On Benji,  his sixth studio album as Sun Kil Moon, Mark Kozelek paints the picture of death pictorially. Death comes unexpectedly and sometimes tragically; it may come to your cousin who takes out trash in the lawn or to a serial killer who suffers from lymphoma cancer. Benji is a solemn album, and it’s wrapped with such an inconsolable despondency that’s able to set your mood for the whole day. Listening to Young Lex’s latest track weirdly reminds me of Benji. It reminds me that death can also come when you expect it the least. Death knows no boundaries, and it also can happen when you’re listening to Young Lex’s “Makan Bang”.

Bringing up your whole squad to a song-collaboration may not be a bad idea, as proven by what Kanye West has done in “Ultralight Beam” which features The-Dream, Kelly Price, Kirk Franklin, and Chance The Rapper. But on “Makan Bang” that features his frequent collaborator and also the first appearance of Takis CEO, Oka Mahendra, Young Lex brings the worst in each of them. It’s not the first time that the leader of the music label appears in some of its proteges’ opus. Ezra Rubin from Fade To Mind, for instance, is mostly known by his work as Kingdom. If Mahendra plans to follow Rubin’s path, “Makan Bang” is definitely not a good portfolio. Howbeit possessing huge potential, “Makan Bang” is like a troll song and produced poorly. Young Lex’s voice that’s actually listenable in his previous tracks is barely listenable here. It’s like a death rattle, throaty, and rough as if the first of seven apocalyptic trumpets had been blown, as he repeats, “Makan bang” over and over. For the first time after listening to his other works, my ears actually bleed. Aside from that, the lyrics are really basic, incorporating insufferable simple rhymes and non-sense words. It may be intended as a dis for their haters, especially Dagelan website, but they can actually traipse the high road a la what Awkarin did in “Bad Ass” with subtlety and audacity. The track is also lack of Awkarin’s touch, something that we anticipate the most from track. She’s just given a few speaking part—which she does amazingly as always; she may consider her next album as a spoken one—and as she puts veraciously, her name is just used as “clickbait”. In summary “Makan Bang” is incomprehensible, a waste of six minutes of our life.


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