Review Wednesday: Emir Hermono – “Cuma Kamu” (featuring NOVAKAИE)

Emir Hermono
“Cuma Kamu” (featuring NOVAKAИE)
3am in Jakarta
Hermono Music Publishings

Jakarta is city that never sleeps. At night, as the gloaming falls and the sunlight is replaced by specks of gleaming city lights, Jakarta is filled with spasms of lives, the ones that you may never notice at day thanks to those endless works and bustles. The city becomes a shelter for more than nine million souls, and even when the half of population are asleep at night, the other half who feel restless and insomniac still wander around the city, looking for tranquility and vigor. Indeed, watching Jakarta’s night skyline is invigorating, charming, yet romantic. Jakarta is a city where love can be found in every corner.

Emir Hermono who grew up in Papua and lives in Kuala Lumpur somehow perfectly understands the beauty of Jakarta at night. His upcoming album, 3am in Jakarta, consists of modern nocturnes, somber tunes that help soothe your restlessness. With his collaborators, such as Ariel Nayaka and Rayi Putra from RAN, Hermono captures the essence of Jakarta at night with his evocative and romantic sound. His songs are for somnambulists, for people who never stop looking for love. His latest collaboration with Jakartan R&B group, NOVAKAИE, is no exception.

Listening to “Cuma Kamu” is hypnotizing as Hermono’s cadence gives you sedative effect. It is light and romantic, qualities that remind us of dvsn. But if dvsn relies on spasmodic thumping bass that sounds like a heart beat, Hermono relies on his quirky beat. “Cuma kamu, cuma kamu yang bisa taklukkan diriku,” Kay Oscar from NOVAKAИE begins the song, not sounding cheesy at all. The song is wrapped with lustful yet modest vibe. In a perfect world, “Cuma Kamu” is a song to make love to. Hermono makes it clear that his works are something that’s unheard of before from other Indonesian producers and “Cuma Kamu” is probably the second iconic “Cuma Kamu” song since 1975’s Rhoma Irama & Rita Sugiarto.


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